Those who come are often desperate and confused; they find a place of safety and a caring staff.



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About Us

Those who come are often desperate and confused; they find a place of safety and a caring staff. TLC Pregnancy Services offers:

  • Life Choices Medical Clinics: TLC has 3 clinics with trained, caring medical staff, which provide free services, including pregnancy tests, STD testing, limited obstetrical ultrasounds and medical referrals. Clinic Locations & Hours.
  • TLC’s Mobile Ultrasound Unit is staffed by Janine Defily, R.D.M.S. Through this outreach, we provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to women in need of pregnancy support, outside of our immediate outreach area. Mobile Ultrasound Unit Schedule.
  • Hope Services: Practical help with professional referrals, maternity clothes, and baby items. New moms struggling to make ends meet can make monthly visits to receive food, formula, diapers, coats, clothes, shoes, baby furniture and other donated items for up to 5 years after giving birth.
  • Hope through the Gospel, providing the forgiveness of God, and a new life through Jesus Christ.  Bibles and Christian materials are freely distributed.
  • The message of the benefits of living a sexually abstinent lifestyle for single men and women is shared, along with providing information about the risks of casual sex and people are educated about sexually transmitted infections.
  • Surrendering The Secret – a post-abortion recovery program which includes an eight week Bible study.  This program has proven to be successful in bringing freedom to women all around the U.S. from the wounds and heart break of abortion.  Words of life are ministered to those who have had abortions, teaching about God’s forgiveness and the healing and restoring power of Jesus Christ.
  • A library of books and materials related to pro-life issues, the family and Christian living.
  • A men’s mentoring program is taking shape.  Men need to be encouraged to follow the plan God has for them to become responsible and caring fathers.  We are putting together a team of godly, mature, Christian men who could mentor the young men who visit and teach them life changing truths from the Word of God.
  • S.T.I. (sexually transmitted infection) testing is available.  Besides free testing, information about these infections is provided along with the message of sexual integrity both in and outside of marriage.  We are praying for open hearts as we share the Gospel with those who visit.
  • It’s our mission to make our ministry at TLC Pregnancy Services and Life Choices even more effective as we expand our outreach – to lead more hurting women to the cross of Jesus and to witness even more women in unplanned pregnancy situations choose life.
  • We do not refer for abortion and do not profit from any client’s decision.
Our services do not replace the services of a physician.


Like many non-for-profit ministries, we desire to do much more – begin new programs to better serve those who come to us with various needs.  We ask that you pray with us regarding these important issues:


We operate by donations and labor against limited funds.  The summer months are always an especially difficult time of the year.  With new programs and staff members added during the last several months, our payroll and operating expenses have greatly increased.  Additional funds are needed at this time.

Grant Writers

We are looking for a grant writer to help locate needed funds.  If you have experience in this area and are interested in volunteering please call 847-622-1235 and ask for Vivian Maly.


We do have a great base of volunteers; however, there are always gaps that need to be filled with knowledgeable, hard-working people.

Currently we need:

  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) office assistants to answer phones
  • Help with data entry, and general office work
  • Assistance is needed for special mailings every other month
  • Help with cleaning, sorting donations, mending and washing baby things
  • Driving mothers to their appointments
  • Babysitting and help with special programs
  • Help is always needed to maintain our building and the landscaping around the building
  • Experienced painters are needed throughout the year along with carpenters, plumbers, and electricians

Thank you

Many of you have been faithful supporters and volunteers, and for that we offer a heartfelt thank you!  As we have said over and over, we could not carry out this ministry without your partnership.  We have faithfully been serving hurting women (and men) for almost twenty years.  Your support has enabled us to keep our doors open to those God sends to us through His grace to help change hearts and save lives.

Get Involved

Being involved with an important and noble cause which is so close to God’s heart is energizing. If you have been looking for a way to expand God’s kingdom and bring light to the darkness, won’t you consider joining us in a fulfilling, life-changing ministry adventure? God is at work here; His name lifted high, His Gospel proclaimed, and broken lives are being made whole through the work of His Spirit.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in something greater than yourself which has an eternal impact.

* We also offer Spanish services. Brindamos servicios en espanol.

* We are able to serve those women who are not currently under a doctor’s care.

* Ultrasound services are not for the purpose of diagnosing or detecting any medical problem or condition for the client or her baby.

* Our services should never be considered as a substitute for medical care provided by a personal physician.

* Life Choices does not perform abortions or refer for abortions.

Email us at: or send correspondence to 825 Dundee Avenue, Elgin IL 60120.


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