Through your giving and support, by the grace of God, we have been working diligently since 1996 providing pregnancy testing and services here in your area.


And now 27 years later, following the Lord’s leading, we will offer a new program entitled “The Shiphrah Program”. This new program, with your help, will serve needy women in Kane and Cook counties, providing prenatal care during a woman’s first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

In our many years of experience, we have witnessed that often times when women leave our clinics hope filled with the news of this new life they carry, they are sometimes urged by others to have an abortion when they share their economic hardships or life challenges. It is in response to this concern, that we have developed a program to offer care to women in their first 20 weeks of pregnancy, when they are many times vulnerable. Our advanced practice nurse, Sherri, has already completed a number of successful Abortion Pill Reversals (APRs) and will provide this service through the Shiphrah Program as well. She will be leading this prenatal program which will also be overseen by a volunteer OB/GYN.

We began plans for the Shiphrah Program in 2020 with confidence that the Lord called us to prepare such a ministry. At that time we had no idea of the political landscape we would experience, as Illinois continues to promote the expansion of abortion access while discouraging our pregnancy support services in the state.

Our purchases for this expansion of our services have included needed medical equipment, computer supplies, remodeling material costs and furniture for the office and the waiting room. Our total budget for this project is estimated to be another $100,000 added into our already burdened budget. We are trusting the Lord with His provisions as we step forward in faith. We thank you for coming alongside us here at TLC Pregnancy Services so that we might serve to protect the lives of the vulnerable. It is especially encouraging that you would choose us at this time!

By donating today you will help women keep their babies protected from abortion the first 20 weeks of life in the womb. You will be saving 2 people, the mom and baby! Thank you in advance for your help! 


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